domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

Homemade PBR burner

Hey guys, so I'm back after a long time, hehe. I always liked those homemade stuff, they are very easy to make and I have fun on crafting things at home... Yesterday I was lurking around in the internet and I've found this tutorial on how to make a homemade "oven" that can be used, for example, to cook something fast or maybe your son is bored and better than watching tv is to use the creativity to make cool homemade gadgets...

So, as you can see, the image below explains in a very easy way how to make it:

2 comentários:

  1. It's been a long time man but it's pretty cool to see you back at the same time. Great post dude, very interesting stuff. Have a happy new year as well mate!

  2. Hey look who's still among the living! Welcome back. Interesting info but there's one problem: I can't cook to save my life.... ;)